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Erric Solomon

Tsoknyi Rinpoche: Healing our Trauma and Stress

Theses days, it seems like nearly everyone is barely managing to cope with the stress of day-to-day life. In addition, we are often reacting to situations based on unhealed wounds resulting from traumatic childhood experiences rather than simply responding authentically to the present moment.


When a group of us were on a trip to Muktinath, Nepal with Tsoknyi Rinpoche, he stopped on the way into the meditation hall for a few minutes. All of a sudden on the steps leading into the hall he spontaneously gave us a short but incredibly pithy teaching on how to heal our old traumas and unwind old habits and instead learn to live more authentically in the present moment.

I immediately thought to myself, “darn, I wished I had my camera out to record it for the blog.” I kept pestering Rinpoche for a chance to record what he said on the steps, so that everyone could benefit from what he taught us that morning.  After we came back to Kathmandu, I met him just outside the city at his nunnery on Chobhar Hill, and there he finally succumbed to my badgering.

In this short video, Tsoknyi Rinpoche explains how we can heal our the trauma and stress in our lives. If you like this video, you will definitely want to check out his latest book: Open Heart, Open Mind: Awakening the Power of Essence Love.



0 # Maria 2013-05-20 22:30
Many thanks!! Very useful teaching, I've been suffering from anxiety and although regular meditation is helping me a lot, I still have some moments that I'm afraid I may lose control. Bring awareness to all phenomena in the mind is the clue to overcoming difficulties but, how to do it when you are so used to a bad emotion or bad feeling? It's almost like this emotion is a part of you! sometimes I realize my ego really doesn't want the fear to go away, what a revelation!! Many thanks for this video Erric, I'm going to practice in that way.
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